Digital infrastructure is built like a cloud. It is abstracted away from the hardware. This abstraction is in the form of hardware. The hardware is abstracted, but it is there. The boundless infinity of the abstraction seems all-encompassing. But still it has hard limits which are just not visible. The hardware is abundant, it is surplus. The cloud know how to remain ahead of itself. The seams don’t show.

Human bodies are part of the hardware. In order to be abstracted, the human body has to be reduced to a shadow of itself. When we seek our reflection in the cloud, we only see this reduced shadow. The shadow is not enough and we need to constantly reject its claim that it represents us. The cloud claims to model the entire world in its pre-measured grid. From where we stand, we don’t acknowledge this claim because we constantly experience many islands of surprising emotions. The cloud filters these out. It considers them aberrations. We continue to live only in these aberrations.