Between each two lines of text, there resides a meaning waiting to be excavated. This meaning is part of what this time is looking for. This time can be pictured as a clueless pony wandering around because it does not know what to do. But there is help at hand. The ability of reading the message hidden in the landscape can be performed. The meta truth has become a cliche. It has been stated so many times that we have lost the ability to discern between it and the brazen falsehood. What we will state after a deep read is not the supposed meta truth but the subtle truth that resides in the magnified and isolated detail of this moment. The subtle truth is simple and it is not cryptic or puzzling. The subtle truth is not all that subtle, we just call it that to differentiate it from what seems to be the objective of every other enquiry. Strangely enough, the subtle truth is actually in plain sight. But it is in plain sight at a different level of detail than the sight which is plaixn in quality and magnification. The subtle truth is in plain sight when vision is tuned to a different quality and magnification than in the ordinary case. Sometimes we are in wonderland but everything seems to be plain.